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Internet Marketing for Newbies

Internet Marketing is harder to Get Started Profitably, than Most People Claim!

It can Only Be as Good for You, as Your Skills and Knowledge of How to Make it Work Effectively for Your Own Business, Allow it to be.


If this is You, Let me Help You Learn How to Increase Your Profits with Better Planning and Strategies, for a Long Term Ethical Online Business!

Now that there are millions of businesses on the Web, the competition is much more fierce than it used to be.  Because of this, it is an absolute necessity for you to identify a strong competitive advantage, through your marketing efforts.

What is Internet Marketing All About?

Hundreds of new people are hitting the internet every single day, with high hopes to find an easy way to make instant cash. It’s NOT their fault, too many people are hyping up these “Push a Button” and all done B.S. that makes it sound so easy and without any effort.

Sorry… but it just doesn’t happen like that!

Internet marketing is a business, like any offline business, it takes knowhow, planning, time and above all a huge commitment to succeed.

You need to have some cash to invest in your new business, although usually substantially less than if you were starting an offline, brick and mortar business.

There are so many business models you can choose from, on almost any topic (niche) you can think of. The variety and choices out there, only serve to make it harder and more confusing!

To get started, you need to understand what your skillset is, have a business plan and know where to start, to implement this plan. One of several big reasons why people fail at Internet Marketing, is because they don’t construct a viable plan and then do the required learning, plus have the persistance required, to see it through.

If you would like to get into Internet Marketing on a serious basis, you will need to set yourself up, learn what is required, create a sensible plan and then work hard at your business.

Do You Really WANT it?

Again… Just like any business, an Internet Marketing Business requires a serious commitment. If you go in half-heartedly, without total commitment, you will not succeed.

The best thing you can do for yourself, is to stop and think about ‘why’ you want this business.

Whether it’s some extra cash, a new home, or to replace a job that you don’t enjoy. Whatever your reasons are, you need to be clear on what they are and you need to keep them close.

The Truth is... It needs to be more than Just About Money!

You need a serious reason, or reasons “WHY” you want or need more money. You need to set specific goals that will keep you focused and give you reasons every day, to keep on going through all the hard stuff.

Lose sight of your "WHY" and you lose the thing that keeps you going.

Where Are You At Now?

If You have been Spinning Your Wheels without much Traction, The first thing you need to do is STOP and PLAN.

Whatever you have been trying, or thinking about trying. Or... maybe you have been working at something for sometime, but are not getting anywhere?

Please, stop what ever you are doing and work out (honestly) where you are at right now. Then work out where you want to be in 6 months or even a year from now.

Once you have these two things, clear in your mind, you have a chance to do it all right.


If you have been doing things online for a while, without success, you need to know what hasn't worked and why. Most people need some help with this, so don't be afraid to talk about it, but also be prepared to listen!

Where Do You want to Go Next?

Decide What You really want to get out of Internet Marketing.

Choose Your Goals, and be specific! (Not just "I want to earn $10k per month")

But in more like: I want to build up to $5k per month within 10 months and then $10k per month regular income, within 18 months from now.

Include why you want those income levels at those times.

Include some basic outlines of how you would like to earn your online incomes?

E.g. - Affilaite Marketing,

         Product Creation and Launches,

         eCommerce Stores,


        A combination of all above?

Who Am I?

I'm an Internet Marketer mainly doing Affiliate Marketing, Information Products Creation and basic coaching for Newcomers to this industry.

My main Niche and hence my best experience is with the many aspects of the Make Money Online niche.

I am by no means an Online Guru or Internet Millionaire. I promote ethical marketing practices, and love to help others to do the same!

If you would like to know a bit more about me and my background, please check out my About Me page HERE.

What I Can Do to Help You!

If you're a Newcomer to Internet Marketing, and especially if you’re looking at the Internet Marketing - Make Money Online Niche, I can help you with advice and tutorials on:

  • Sub-niche Selection
  • Online Business Model Selection
  • Blogging
  • List building
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Website Traffic Generation
  • Passive Income models such as Membership Sites


There are many other aspects of online marketing, that we can also assist with, so please feel free to send me a contact request with any questions you may have. If I believe I’m not qualified to assist, I will let you know, I will not lead you on with bad or incorrect advice!

When you are starting out with anything new can sometimes feel like a real challenge! Take things one step at a time and let me guide you through the process.

If you reach out to me, I promise to keep things very simple for you because that's the only way You can realistically do things!

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