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Dear Friend,

You’ve been told repeatedly that the money is the list.

That is true.

However, far too many business owners struggle with this concept.

Have you been struggling to build a list that actually converts into sales?

Or maybe you've tried and didn't even actually build a list?

Either way - you can do it if you're willing to take the time to follow this blueprint.

I must warn you though - while it can send you a flood of highly targeted buyer quality traffic, it does take some work.

But if you're in the 1% of people online that actually are an action taker, then this is definitely for you.

You’ll learn a specific strategy that is often untapped because people don’t want to take action.

It's NOT HARD or highly technical, and it's there for the taking!


Buyers List - Made Easy

This step-by-step, 9-part video series takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to build your buyers lists, and take them to the Next Level.

Here's a list of all these videos and exactly What You will Learn, in more detail.

Video #1 - Introduction and Getting Started

If you've ever wondered what could be holding you back from implementing what you’ve learned, it's often because of your mindset.  So, in this video we're going to talk about how to get into the right mindset.  You're also going to get a quick overview of what's inside of the video course so you know exactly what to expect.

Video #2 - The Different Types of Buyers Lists

Before we discuss how to build a high-converting list, it's crucial to be able to discuss the different types of lists that you can build. This way you will understand and are able to differentiate between them as you build your campaigns.  As such, this video will give you an eye-opening experience of why we will focus heavily on the one particular list type.

Video #3 -  The Reasons Why and How This Works

Ever wondered why certain lists convert better than others? Well, in this video we will talk about the blueprint of the highest converting list type and how all of this works, so you get a bird’s-eye view. If you understand the Why and How, You have a better chance of putting it into Action!

Video #4 - The Formula for a High Value T.Y. Offer
In this video, you will learn how to create high-value offers that will make vendors get extremely excited about what you are offering to their buyers’ list. We’ll also discuss things that you should avoid doing.

Video #5 - Finding The Vendors To Piggyback On

Obviously, to build a high-quality buyers list, you must find vendors in your niche who are willing to do so, right?

While there is a large amount of them, how do you find the ones interested in what you’re offering vs. the ones that aren't?

Video #6 - Vendor and Buyer Analysis

Once you are set in your chosen niche, it's time to analyze your vendors and buyers to ensure that your 'Thank You' offers are as high quality as they will demand, so much so that they are even willing to pay for it.

Video #7 - Creating Your High Quality T.Y. Offers

Once you've done the proper research in the previous video, it's time to create your offers by putting everything that we have talked about, into action!

Video #8 - Building List #1 - Vendors

In this video, we will discuss how to approach these vendors with your specialized offers. We will also discuss what you must do and what you must avoid that can cost you the deal.


Video #9 - Building List #2 - Affiliates

Keep in mind that it does take time to negotiate with vendors, so while you are doing that I'm going to show you another way to build your buyers list and utilize the same strategy, without re-creating your offers, but still building a highly profitable list, virally.

So... with that said, grab this video series now and learn how to get Your Buyers Lists Spiralling!

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Pete Bentzen

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