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If you’ve ever wondered why your visitors keep leaving your WordPress site and why you’re not ranking well in the search engines… it’s most likely due to a few factors.

One of the many factors include how fast your website loads.

If you think about it, as information becomes easier and easier to access within seconds, the human patience has decreased. It's Decreased Dramatically!

When the internet was first released and people were using dial-up modems to connect online, many were just happy to get access to data from the world wide web.

But as the internet speeds got faster, the demand for data increased and people’s patience became shorter.

As people’s patience becomes shorter, so too does their patience for your site load speed.

It just makes sense when you look at it that way.

While we could discuss 100’s of variables, it’s best to start with one that everyone faces – which is website load speed.

Your goal at the end of the day is to keep your visitors on your site longer.  This also helps your Google and other search engine rankings as well, the longer people stay on your site and the more visitors you get, the better your rankings.

So, if you think of it from that standpoint and you adjust the user experience to be the best it can be, you will actually win the Google search engine game, as well.

And that is how you kill two birds with one stone, or in other words win in both areas.

Of course, we could talk theory all day long, but the way you’ll succeed is by understanding how to implement this in practical terms.


'How To' Speed Up WordPress

This step-by-step, 9-part video series takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to take your WordPress Site to the Next Level.

Here's a list of the videos and What You will Learn, in more detail.

Video #1 - Introduction and Getting Started

If you've ever wondered what could be holding you back from implementing what you’ve learned, it's often because of your mindset.  So, in this video we're going to talk about how to get into the right mindset.  You're also going to get a quick overview of what's inside of the video course so you know exactly what to expect.  Plus, you’ll be given a list of things you’ll need to get started.

Video #2 - Advantages of a Fast Site Speed

In this video, we’ll discuss the advantages or the “why” you need to speed up your WordPress site.  There are two major factors at play here, but fortunately you can accomplish both purely by focusing on one.  The reality is that most people make the mistake of focusing on the latter and then end up confused and frustrated.  However, we’ll show you the shortcut you need.

Video #3 -  The Reasons Why Your Site is Slow

To understand how to speed up your site, you first need to understand what is slowing it down.  While there are hundreds of variables, we’ve narrowed it down to the most common variables that you need to focus on.  So, you’ll be given an idea of what they are and a brief description of how to pinpoint them.

Video #4 - Too Much in Your Site
When it comes to building your WordPress site, it’s so easy to get distracted with all the features that you end up loading your site with just too many files.  In practical terms, you’ll need to do a clean sweep of your site and we’ll discuss what you need to do.

Video #5 - Is Your Web Hosting Slowing You Down

The next big variable is your web hosting.  Did you know that most web hosting setups are not made for WordPress?  Imagine going to a general practitioner for your heart, when in reality you should be going to a cardiologist if that makes sense.  The reality is that most people are going to a general practitioner in this metaphorical sense.

Video #6 - Image Optimization

One of the big factors of a slow website is how many images you have and how big your images are.  So, while the simple solution is to compress your images as much as possible, that is not ideal, especially if you’re busy.  In fact, decades ago, you had to do this manually with Photoshop, but today you can speed up the process.

Video #7 - Parasite Protection

In the digital world, you have other people who are linking to your images, videos, or other big files.  What ends up happening is that you spend money on more web hosting resources.  More importantly, we’ll show you how to protect your site from digital parasites and what steps you need to take.

Video #8 - WordPress Caching

As discussed earlier, the way caching works is your internet browser makes a copy of the items on the page such as images, text, and other media elements.  The purpose of this is so the next time you visit the website, your browser will load the site at a much faster rate.  Now you can do the same thing with your WordPress site, so that your returning visitors can experience the same thing.


Video #9 - Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

In most cases when running a website, you’ll want to have a CDN, especially if you’re trying to reach the world.  You’ll learn what CDNs we have tested and why we recommend that you use them.

So... with that said, grab this video series now and learn how to speed up Your WordPress sites!

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