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Your List Building – What You Need Now!

As has been mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I had been trying to build an online income for a number of years, without getting anywhere at all.
Sure… I did make a few sales, and I had a regular income on a very small scale, from a Traffic Exchange site I owned in the past.
All of this was never very profitable, but I did earn enough to pay for a couple domain names, an Auto-Responder account and hosting costs,
and even had a few extra dollars, which I put back into advertising my Traffic Exchange site on other exchanges, etc.

My biggest mistake at that time, was that I didn’t even realize, that the members of my traffic exchange were in actual fact my first email list, and I never did anything with it. In hindsight, I could have been building a relationship with these people, offering them other products, and marketing to them. I should also have been working at moving these people from subscribers (free members) into customers and building a separate Buyers List.

This was a perfect opportunity for me, but I didn’t do a single thing to really profit from it.

I believe that everyone who is making good money online is using their websites, their products, and most other things they do online, primarily to build their subscribers lists, and to build relationships with their people, so they can market to these people.

I will never make that mistake again!

If you are interested in making money online, and don’t have responsive email lists, you should be making that your absolute highest priority!

There is a huge amount of info out there on the web, promising ‘expert advice’ on how you do this.
Many marketers offer the latest apps and training courses to make list building easy and faster than ever before. But… often it’s a case of what they have to sell, more than how it will really help you. Sorting out what will really help you can be harder than you think, particularly when you are just starting out.

My purpose in this post is to cover the absolute basics required, and hopefully give you an insight into what you need, not to show you how to build your list step-by-step, but clarify the basics so that you can plan and decide what particular tools to use and then, what course or training you need to actually get it started.

So… a brief overview of the how List Building works, is:

To build your email lists, You will offer something of high value to your website visitors, in exchange for their first name and email address, or in some cases you can choose to just collect their email address.
You collect their details into your list via an optin form that sends their details into your auto-responder service, and then you send them emails as you see fit.

Some Important details to help you do this professionally are:

  • Your webpage with your optin form should be on your own domain name, in your own hosting account. This looks and feels professional, and people will take you more seriously.
  • Your Auto-responder service should be a well known professional
    service, such as , Aweber or GetResponse. There are many others you can choose from, but Do Not go with a free service, you will regret it down the road.
  • Whatever you choose for your Optin Gift, should be of very high conceived value, and be closely relevant to your niche.
  • You need to send emails out as soon as people optin, your emails should be designed to build trust, by letting them know who you are, and what you do. You should schedule some pre-written emails into your auto-responder account, so these initial emails go out automatically after they opt in.
  • In these initial emails you should, Tell them what to expect in your emails and how frequently you will be emailing. (Be regular and comply with what you told them).

The first things you will need to do first, are:

  • Register your own Domain name, on your own Hosting account:
    Your own Domain name is conceived as professional, not as a hobby
    Make sure it’s relevant to your name, your company name or your
    planned Niche
  • Without your own Hosting account, you will be very restricted in many ways
  • Get your list management service (Auto-Responder):
    • For collecting your subscribers
    • To set up your scheduled emails
    • To blast out your broadcast emails and offers
    • Where you can create your optin forms
    • This will also provide your subscribers with a system to unsubscribe or manage their preferences
  • Decide on a free gift or offer to give away and set it up on a webpage or in your blog
  • Then, you will need to drive lots of Targeted Traffic to your Optin Form

As I mentioned above, this is just a very brief overview. If you need more details on what ways you can use to build your own lists, click through to check out “List Building Profits”. In this eBook I spell out several different methods you can use, so you can choose what ways will suit you and your business.

If you are a step ahead, and already know what to do but need some
help with a Step-By-Step video course to help you specifically take action
and do it! Click here to get “Easy List Building Success“.

Thanks for reading, I really hope above is helpful to you.

All the Best!