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Why Email Marketing… You may ask?

Email Marketing is probably the most lucrative part of any Online Marketing business strategy.
It goes Hand in Hand with any business plan or business model you choose to pursue.

Email Marketing is a profitable method to keep your product in the mind of your perspective customer and boost repetition of visits from your existing customers. To create an email, you do not need to become a technical expert in IT and HTML coding to build a visibly attractive message.

What could be easier than having a list of responsive people who are interested in the niche you are working with, who trust your recommendations, and are ready to buy from you?

Some of the great benefits of Email Marketing are:

  • Low Costs is one of the most evident benefits. Email marketing can be done at a lower cost than many other marketing tactics. You don’t have to recover postal costs, calling costs, printing and advertising costs.
  • You can easily get analytics such as bounce rates, unsent, mails opened, newly subscribed, and unsubscribed, etc. These numbers are important statistics in your business. Most marketers and businesses utilize email marketing campaigns because they know that it will generate an enormous amount of revenue.
  • Probably the biggest advantage of all, is that Email Marketing is very easy to Automate. Auto-responder Services and other software systems make it easy to save you even more time and money, these days
  • With email marketing, you can reduce the costs of advertising your products and services to your existing customers, instead of targeting a new customers over and over. You can basically drive traffic to your sales pages anytime you like.
  • Email marketing is the best online marketing method that will save you money, time and effort.

We’ve all heard over and over how “the money is in the List” well that is so true… but ONLY if you know how to market to them.
Hence, learning to do it professionally and correctly, is of the utmost importance for any online business owner.

A basic overview of Email Marketing can be described by the following points:

Build your list of subscribers, people interested in your specific Niche.
Build a relationship with those subscribers, so they know who you are, and trust you enough to follow your recommendations.
Segregate your list, so you can send the most appropriate emails to the appropriate groups of subscribers. One example of segregation is to move Leads to a Buyers List as soon as they buy from you.
Set up your email campaigns, again appropriate to each list or group.
Send out emails with a mixture of your Best Tips, Free Resources, Product Offers and Recommendations

As I mentioned above… It doesn’t matter what your online business strategy is, Email Marketing is still a must!

For example, if your business is based on Affiliate marketing, you will have much more success with all of your offers, if you have your email marketing set up with a huge list of buyers, ready and waiting for your recommended product or service.

Another example is if you are creating your own products, you can advise all your affiliates prior to a new product launch, pre-sell the product with emails to your own lists, and obviously email several times during the launch, so your lists are exposed to the product several times.

Same goes, if Niche Marketing is your game plan… having your list of people who are interest in your specific niche, and who already know you and have trust in you, to send your link to, with some reasons why they would benefit from the product or service. What could be easier?

If you are not already doing Email Marketing as part of your business plan, or have at least started setting it up, I would highly recommend that you get it started real soon!

If you are looking for help with your own email marketing set up, we have two great video courses that could help out, depending on where you are at:

If you are just getting set up with building a list, then Easy List Building Success is the right course for you. Click through for more details

However if you are further along and looking for more advanced tips, to save more time, while still improving your profits, take a good look at Email Marketing Automation.

Thanks for reading, and please add your comments or questions below.

All the Best!