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Email Marketing – 9 things to Avoid!

I am a strong believer, that without Email marketing, your online business will not succeed.
Email is an excellent tool to contact your audience for your products and services, if your email list has been segmented to reflect your niche topics, and your email campaigns are targeted at your prospects interests,you should have an advertising campaign that is working very successfully.

Stay focused on your email marketing campaigns and eliminate these “don’t s” to build a perfect marketing strategy:

  1. Don’t Purchase email lists

Purchasing an email list can be a time saving approach, but it will surely disturb your brand after some time. It is the one action that you should definitely avoid.
Forcing yourself into people’s inboxes is like encroaching on their space. Instead of disrupting people’s solitude by imposing your brand on them, cultivate your email list instinctively in the correct manner by mailing to opt-in leads only.
The concept of creating a valuable email campaign is to attain a prospective audience. Rented lists can have a chunk of exceptions who will possibly never click on your email. This can harm your domain
reputation and it can be expelled by email and internet service providers.

2. Don’t ignore your email stats

Taking advantage of Email Marketing, but not analyzing your campaign stats and reports on a regular basis is a big no-no!
Without measuring results, and applying appropriate fixes you will not see great open rates, low bounce rates, new subscriptions, etc.
When you’re not engaged with your readers, you will be worsening the chances of getting your links clicked regularly for each campaign.
You should evaluate every campaign’s outcomes to figure out the analytics and optimize for great future results.
You should also utilize A/B split testing.
You should experiment with new ideas, calls to action and landing pages, and use your analytics to improve your email marketing campaigns, on an on-going basis.

3. Don’t send the same content over and over

Sending the same content can save you time, but it can harm your reputation. Your subscribers will notice repeated content, and quickly get out of the habit of reading your emails. This will decrease your effective responses and your unsubscribe rate will increase quickly.
During a very recent large Product Launch, I was receiving emails from several Affiliate Marketers each day, promoting the same product. I noticed that a few of these people were sending exactly the same email text, obviously just a copy and paste of the vendors swipe emails. I did buy this particular product, but purposely from a marketer who had done some research and emailed with his own information on why he believed I should buy it.

So, be relevant and fresh with every email to keep your subscribers with you. Create helpful, unique and informative content without copying to improve new subscriptions and your open rate.

4. Don’t Send Emails too frequently

Every marketer and business needs that subscriber to click and check out your offers. There are a number of Mentors telling us that more is better, that every email increases the chances of sales. But… Increasing the frequency of your emails can also annoy your readers to the extent they feel forced to unsubscribe from your list or even mark you as spam. I am one of these people, and I always will be. I stay on a helpful marketer’s list for years if they supply good content as well as promotions. However, send me more than ONE email a day, and I promise I will unsubscribe!
Overdoing it can improve sales for the short term, but I strongly believe can just as quickly harm your email marketing campaigns.

Make sure your subscribers are told what to expect from you, and stick to it.
An occasional extra mailing is fine, as long as you do not over-do it.

Choose how often you plan to send emails, and let your subscribers know this as soon as they have opted in, then stand by that.

5. Don’t Purchase email lists

Purchasing a cheap (or even Not so Cheap) list of email addresses might sound like a quick and easy fix, particularly for people having a problem with getting their list building to a profitable level, but it will cause you nothing but PAIN.
You will absolutely get ‘Spam” reports against you, complaints and very high bounce rates.
In a very short time, this will surely damage your brand and your business.

It is the one method that you should definitely avoid. Forcing yourself into people’s inboxes is like encroaching on their space.
There is very little chance that these people will ever click your links and buy from you anyway.

6. Don’t Spam

Never spam your prospective audience. If they see that you’re spamming, they will promptly request an opt-out from your email list.
If your emails are reported as spam, your email marketing campaign will be blacklisted by email services. This will lead to closed accounts for your Auto-Responder Service, lost lists, etc.
To avoid spamming, create your list via opt-in for your services and follow the CAN-SPAM act correctly. Remove email addresses immediately, if they ask to unsubscribe. This should be Automatic via
your List Manager software.

7. Don’t forget to use good subject lines

Good subject lines can improve your email marketing considerably.
Don’t use lots of CAPITAL letters, Personalize it if you can, and most importantly, make sure it is relevant to your email. It is absolutely true, that your subject line MUST grab the attention of
the reader, and entice them to read on.

If your subject line is misleading, you will however, upset readers, and they will unsubscribe.

8. Don’t do too many offers in one email

Don’t include too many offers in your email. It can become confusing to your prospective audience and they could become annoyed. Always communicate with and engage your audience, instead of just selling with email marketing.
Multiple offers in one email can reduce the effectiveness and chances are you won’t get them to click any links at all.

Don’t be lazy or in a hurry and try to do it all with one email.

Use a single call to action with a proper landing page to maximize your open rate and conversions. You can repeat the link in a well worded P.S. at the bottom of the email.

A good plan is to use the main email body to tell a story, and explain why they need it.

9. Don’t use too many graphics

Everyone knows that “a picture speaks a thousand words”, but that does not completely fit with email marketing. Some email services automatically block images so the reader has to specifically download the images to see them.
This becomes irritating when you have to click and wait to see the images.
It also becomes a problem for us marketers, because if the reader doesn’t download the images and your links are in those images, you can be losing sales from this alone.

Many marketers are going away from HTML emails, heavy templates, and images in their emails. More and more people are getting far better results with plain text emails, properly formatted for readability,
and for reading on mobile devices. This includes using a larger font size,
formatting the body text to about 45 characters row length and in short paragraphs.

If you are going to use images (buttons, etc.) for you links, make sure you also include a raw text link as well.

Thanks for staying this far, I hope you found something helpful!

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